Washing system parts

Semi-finished or finished washing System parts

It is often essential the washing out of semi-finished or finished products. HYDROS develops automatic washing machines specific details, in bulk in containers, or directly online.

In the gallery you can see pictures of two types of machines used for the washing of parts: the tunnel washer, used for washing of particulars contained in bulk in containers of wire mesh. The machine is fed from the outside  where an operator will load on the supply roller caissons containing the details. Washing takes place in closed chamber by means of high pressure, hot water barriers. You can also use prewash solvent for spraying systems which facilitate the process;

The washing machine continuously provides that washing is carried out directly on the production cycle. In this regard, from time to time, they are made of equipement suitable to the production context.

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rack-lavaggio-hydros 02
rack-lavaggio-hydros 03
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