Mobile Chips

HYDROS has developed a mobile CIP born to meet the needs of a big food Group but later has found application in other areas.

It is suitable to be used in medium to large establishments or generally wherever there is the need to perform at different points of the establishement: 

  • Suction and transfer operations, eg. extraction of oils and fluids in General and Racking in storage silos
  • Pipe cleaning eg. closed loop piping cleaning
  • High pressure washing(the machine is equipped with a heat excharger for heating of the washing fluid)
  • The machine is completeley autonomous in the movement, as electrically opened with a  guidance system "ride on"; can also be equipped with a storage volume up to 2000 liters and equipped in different configurations. Heat Exchange systems for heating/cooling of the washing solution
  • Oil/water separation devices
  • Vacuum devices for quick aspirations.

cip-hydros 01
cip-hydros 02
cip-hydros 03